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I'm all about dressing my big body for as little as possible.
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January 5, 2012 at 11:23am


Thursday 5 January—Taking awkz self-timer portraits of myself before running errands, going shopping in SoHo, eating Pho and getting fancy at a museum.

Sweater: American Apparel (I HATE MYSELF AND DOV CHARNEY) - $20 - CPW = $20

Skirt: some fat lady brand from Daffy’s - $26 - CPW = $8.66

Swatch: $23.33

Tights: one pair from Daffy’s in a “2-for-$10.99” pack, another pair from Rite-Aid for $6.99

Moustache ring: local craft store - $6 - CPW = $3

Necklaces: short chain - littlepancakes on etsy ($30 - CPW = $7.50), medium chain - ASOS ($7), long chain - American Apparel ($5)

Eyeliner: MAC Fluidline


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    Bothering to do my hair and make-up made me so annoyed and sweaty, I remembered why I never bother.
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